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2023-07-19 17:37:29 (UTC)

Job Job Job erggg

Job hunt difficulty is never gonna leave my side in life. Well rn am hunting job and its so demotivating for now even getting a single call actually I got a call yesterday but that was for cold calling job errggg now a former manager has to do cold calling... errhh.. well am still ok doing that as that can just let me get through the market of job, get ma a thappa of Canadian experience. It been 1.5 months am here and trying to find a job lets see how much time it will take for me to succeed. I am sure am gonna land something good and then I can make it great. after getting a job my plan is to enroll for some good course and upgrade my CV that will help me get a great job. well, this takes time. meanwhile i am trying not to stress much be consistent, trying to look after my health and enjoying life too..
I have always shared my job hunt and stress here and then wrote on how I got one and am sure this time too I shall do that. A has been too good to me, miss mom and sis and everyone back home. Trying to attract positivity... byeeee