Live my life♥

me and my life
2023-06-17 17:02:53 (UTC)


Hi there, I arrived here in Canada on 6th June and since then life has been never the same. Everything is new for me and I'm still exploring. So far everything is good, A has been good too.. I visited Bank and opened an account, had been to Walmart all by my self for groceries too. I must say your girl has lost some weight hahaha... I have to cook, clean and tc of house, me and A too... most difficult is to take care of self. I dont think i would ever be able to tc of self like my mom took tc of me. I miss her and even though I hate much of technology I feel blessed that I can see her everyday through video calls. hmm... so far its fun, I miss India and mom , sis and niece. Yesterday was my 2nd break down missing them. Yes I miss talking, spending time to them. errgghh hate adulting. Ash has been my savior these days we both chat a lot during days.
I have starting making reels and videos too, taking it slowly lets see how it goes. Also, have tones of things to do Driving test, hunt a good job, buy amazing stuffs for self like car, save money and make amazing reels.
thats it so far... life has been good lately. i am in my happy space and pray for its longevity. byeeee