A lady in the crowd
2023-06-15 20:46:10 (UTC)

Rough Day

A professor can make or break a subject. I remember hating geometry in High School because my professor would talk for hours about his estranged family. He didn't care about teaching, and we focused on his favorite subject, sohcahtoa, for most of the year. Then I learned to love math again in college, and I even learned how to enjoy chemistry thanks to excellent professors who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

My biology professor is eccentric and loves cracking jokes, making lectures more fun. The dealbreaker is he keeps going on these long tangents that go entirely off-topic if someone asks a question that triggers him. Sometimes nobody asks, but he'll rant and go off about anything. We've talked about how Chicago pizza is the best, why aliens exist, how he won $50,000 from a lawsuit from a car wreck, and he even likes to get political sometimes and talk about why he thinks there are more than two genders. I know too much about his personal life and how he has another job as a chiropractor. He plays in a band, loves to drink, has young kids, and always bitches about his wife being lazy because she's been unemployed since January. People nod off, and there is a lot of yawning.

It's hard to stay focused and actively listen when we have a 200-slides to get through for his PowerPoints, more so when he's constantly getting side-tracked over the most random shit. Then he will speed through the slides to catch up. It makes lectures dreadful, but at least I'm almost halfway through the semester. Doing well in science classes always means studying a lot in your downtime, taking good notes, and doing many practice questions. I still have the same study habits and am doing well in my lecture and lab. I just haven't felt this annoyed to have to sit through this torture that I have to pay for to graduate.