Experienced Life
2023-06-10 13:11:04 (UTC)

Another fine weekend 🤪

Started the day off with a nice gym session. The lady I asked out was there. There are two camping events and she can't do this June's camp but is able to make July. She asked if she needed a tent. Told her nah.. I got two or I have a big tent and we can put our cots at opposite ends. She seemed to be ok with either. We chatted a little between gym sessions as far as what she drinks (if she even drinks) and she does. Also, she'd need a sleeping bag. The rest, I can bring. She knows how to swim but don't have a life jacket. She don't know how to fish so I'll show her how. Don't need to cast far since we'll be on kayaks anyway. Maybe just 20' at most. Anyway, can't wait to go camping this summer. Should be a lotta fun.

Small drama with my roomie. Don't know what's up her butt but I don't need it and I don't want to live in her crazy angry world. Just give me the rent money and go away. lol. No wonder she never lasts long at her job. Always complaining and mad about something. You think I'm going to speak to her about the ups and downs in life? Heck no! I'd be wasting my time. Some people are just angry all the time. Oh well.

So, I have a Dr to see and it's scheduled during my vaca. He's a specialist so he's hard to come by. So I had to change my vaca dates. Now I'm going on July 26 till Aug 2nd. Hotel changed from Mandalay Bay to Luxor. The price at Mandalay shot up for that new week I'm going so I changed Hotels. Luxor is cheaper and it's right next to Mandalay Bay anyway so why not? That kind of sucks because I really like Mandaly Bay. Oh well, they do have a tram that'll take between the two so meh.. not too much of a biggie. The plus on this new date is that I now get to see the fight between Spence and Crawford. That is a big boxing match. Probably the biggest this year. Two undefeated boxers in a very popular weight division at 147 lbs. I'm betting big on Crawford. Maybe $2K but at least $1K. Should be an exciting fight. Happens on July 29 and I'll be in Vegas. Fingers crossed.