Marvelous Martin

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2023-06-10 17:38:31 (UTC)

Is it OK?

With the recent domination of the Softball world by the Women from Oklahoma I again start to wonder if this is good for the sport or bad. I ,and I mean all sports and Men's or Women's. They was a lot of Flack about the Sooners team over celebrating ,but honestly I saw nothing that bothered me about that, more likely it was a flash point for people to vent about seeing the rich get richer. The same people who hate on the Tom Brady's of the world. The hero always winning in the movies is cool, but what about our guy? Do people start to lose their taste for sport if the same teams always win? I know the Media loves it because then the pool is smaller and they don't have to cover as much ground. Tonight a in-depth feature on Champion Joe Blows dietician etc.
I'm a Laker fan and I remember when they won three championships in a row and everyone one of them to me seemed a struggle. Did it seem that way to everyone else or did they just think the Lakers win all the time and it's boring? I asked my Pal the 49er fan if the Super Bowl they won 55-10 seemed boring to him or if it was getting old all those blow outs and he said it never gets old.
Doesn't it seem like these days if you can't beat them you join them? Aging stars who never came close to winning or hadn't won in awhile team up with Champion teams just to win a title. Or how College teams just keep getting the best recruits because they win? The best player in your neck of the woods might not even make the second string because of the backlog of talent on these squads. College football to me is really a bore because you can almost name the 4 teams that will compete for the National Championship every year before the season even starts. Which leads me to another question, why do we always have to know who the best is? Many fine teams in my region compete against other like area teams, win their division and a couple of playoff games and get a title. Why do they have to go on to State competition and against larger schools with way more talent available to them? What do you remember years later, the Area Championship or the Ass Kicking you got on the Bigger stage? Isn't this why Boxing and Fight sports have weight classes? Not likely David will ever beat Goliath when Goliath has another behind him just as big and David only has the one slingshot.
Maybe I'm just tired of being a 99 pound weakling getting sand kicked in my face. Maybe closer to 199 pounds.

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