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2023-06-08 13:33:52 (UTC)

Neighbor's granddaughter.

So the weather has been hot and dry lately and I was on the tractor doing some cleanup around the place yesterday. Through the woods I saw my neighbor's granddaughter in their back yard in a bikini top and shorts. She's fresh out'a high school and due to leave for college soon. She's a little bad ass blonde, maybe a hundred lbs, no more. I wanted to get a closer look so I took the tractor back to the barn and eased off through the woods on foot.
I work my way toward her quietly and come up behind an old shed on their side of the fence row that concealed my presence. At first I didn't see her because she had placed a beach towel on the ground and was already laid out sunning. She had removed the shorts but was wearing the matching bottom to the bikini top. The top, she had taken off and she was rubbing oil on her bare breast. What a fucking set of tits!! Not big by any standards but firm and the pale blue lines of the vessels beneath the skin and the amazing childlike bulbous nipples were visible from my position in the bushes. My mouth went dry!
Being well hidden behind the shed and in the underbrush I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out to stroke. Her crotch was pointed directly at me and it was obvious that even though it was covered by the small patch of cloth, her pussy was a fat meaty vulva with a large protruding clit.
I watched her as she rubbed oil over her tits then sat up with her legs spread wide and applied the oil to the inside of her thighs. I busted my first nut right there staring at the fat bulge in her crotch.
She called out to her grandmother and ask if she would rub the oil on her back. The older lady, my neighbor, is sixty and still an attractive lady came out the back door and took the bottle of oil. The girl rolled over onto her tummy and granny applied the oil the went back inside the house.
The girl flipped over onto her back again and placed her arms to her sides and for a few minutes she just lay there soaking up the sun. I was about to put my cock back in my pants and turn and go when her right hand moved between her legs and she gently started rubbing up and down her slit. Needless to say, I held my ground and watched as my dick started getting hard again. You have to be quiet when stroking your cock 15 feet from someone and it isn't easy. She was just getting into it and I was about to cum again when the patio door slid open and granny stepped out.
The girl stopped her pussy play and when granny took a chair on the patio I knew the show was over. I quietly shoved my half hard cock in my pants and returned to my work. I'll definitely be checking tomorrow to see if she lays out again.