2023-06-08 13:18:05 (UTC)

The Fight

He came when I had reasoned with myself that I was done.
I liked him nje...
But he loved me - or so he said.
I was done with believing people who said such as their actions contradicted their words.
He said I'm in love with you -
I was thrown back.
What the hell was he playing at?
I am done with his type...
But he kept on hammering my built-high wall...
I am melting, I don't
want to but it's overpowering me.
I don't want to go back
to where I was with the hims
With each passing day
I fell deep into a well I didn't see its existence
I fell into some wetland
What are you?
Why are you different from you?
I need to get away from you

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