Like a Moth to a Flame
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2023-06-08 09:07:14 (UTC)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Yes, we're seeing and smelling the burning of Canadian forests. Outside it's hazy. The "mansplaining" Uber driver told me this morning, "oh, it's just the morning dew!" "How can the smoke from the wildfire get here? We're far from Canada!" Yeah, whatever. Our colleagues from California are like, "Puny East Coasters!" LOL. So yeah, retreating in my home... like I usually do!

Been really exhausted lately. Sleep quality is poor. I'd be sleepy the entire day but when I hit the bed, I get my second wind. It will take hours before I get to sleep. The past days I've been waking up "earlier" since I'm auntie day care. Today I could have gotten extra sleep but I had to wake up much earlier and leave. Tomorrow and Saturday, hopefully, I will be able to get some sleep. I can see dark circles under my eyes! It's a new phenomenon! One of the things disrupting my schedule is my driver's ed course! Yes, at night I take driver's ed classes with a bunch of high schoolers and some college students. I'm the oldest in the bunch! Haha. I really hope I will learn to drive and get my license this year.

I'm really tired. I hope my body doesn't give in. I'm coughing from time to time, I don't know. I just don't want to get sick.

My nephew played my Mario Kart yesterday. It looked fun! After he left, I finally played it too. It was fun! I hope I get to play again today, if not, weekend perhaps.

Ah, it's not yet the weekend, but I hope everyone will have a good weekend! Keep safe everyone!

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