Unapproachable and Unsightly
2023-06-08 12:01:27 (UTC)

does everything seem to have a ..

does everything seem to have personality, preferences, and dislikes only because everything is being perceived out of something that is alive? Projection of emotion, feelings, attitude, and interpretation
I think the grass feels relieved when it's watered the morning after it's cut, but is that objectively taking place?
I never know how to listen to the potted plants; they always wilt
out of all the words in the human language all I can think of is "exhale"
there has to be a connection between the sun, sleep, and dreams, but that's just my own projection of these objects
are sleep and dreams considered objects?
so why is the sun considered one?
I think the sun speaks through its heat
sweating out in the sun
wouldn't it be something if there was an object in the sky that generated the opposite of what the sun generates?
like what if the moon generated intense coldness?

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