Alan T. Fitch

My Personal Diary
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2023-06-08 13:05:38 (UTC)

God has blessed me

God has blessed me so much today. He has blessed me that I have found six coins today walking about - which I fave the 20p coin to a charity in Morrisons. Abother blessing is that I was able to get a meal deal from Morrisons and reset my password for Morrisons More. I have been able to retrieve my glasses when I forgot them, leaving them twice in room 221 of the college. I forgot my phone this morning and the Lord allowed me to race back to get it and get back to walking up to college, getting there still on time.
The Lord has blessed me todsy that, after the first lesson, I was allowed to skip the next lesson as I completed the units eith that teacher for this year and was able to go back home and get my meds, longside helping mum with a few things. Albeit I could have had less of an attitude, as I became frustrated and stressed; but I still helped her at least.) I forgot to take them this morning and was able to take them and come back up to college, with some washing clothes.
In total today I have made five trips: Home to college, to home, to college, to Morrisons; and back to college. The Lord has blessed me that I am able to visit my old school today this lunch rime at 1:20. I only go there now to see an old friend who still goes there who loved to play football with me at lunchtime; or, rather, I played football with him.)
Most of all, God has given me the strength to endure today; I didn't fall asleep until past teo o'clock this morning, and God has given me energy, strength, and courage to go on today and bless others. God has goven me today to complete today, too; for not everyone yesterday have made it through to today.
Each breath I take is the last for another; and I am truly grateful that the Lord has given me this day today.
"When God blesses you, you have to bless others." (Not my quote. But I don't know who it's from; but I saw heard it from Snapchat.)
I use my blessings from God to bless others. I am a sinner - but I want relentlessly and vigorously, and desperately, right now, to always follow God and Jesus Christ and His ways and His Will.
God bless everybody that reads this, and I pray for you and your associates and your families. God bless you all, and have a good day. Everything happens for a reason. Believe in Jesus Christ our Saviour and everything will end both in His Will for your life and for the good.