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2023-06-08 05:36:20 (UTC)

Yesterday was a day of ..

Yesterday was a day of universal jokes, every sign I have ever asked for in the last 55 years showed up yesterday, it was amazing, almost didn't feel like a real day, like I was seriously tripping all day. On the way home from work a lime green car zoomed past me, then a highlighter yellow car zoomed past me, earlier in the day I had seen my first turquoise car, a blazer, on the way home I seen a brilliant bright ass turquoise car, an Equinox (so not the same cars passing on the way home) I want to note that I was not even looking at cars, I was singing along, excited about making love to a 54 year old for the last time. Once I turned onto one of my streets, I was like 'well doubt I will see a purple car now so what do you say about that?' Something caught my eye, and I am being honest when I say I am 100% non observant, so when I say I seen this huge ass PURPLE mailbox, I can't tell you if they just painted it yesterday or I have passed it 1000 times and just never noticed it, but it was enough to make my day even brighter.

I came home and Mike was just chilling sitting outside, he beat me because I had to stop and get him some presents, I was like 'do you want your presents now? I was born and raised where you wake up on the actual birthday to surprises and presents, as I got older the excitement was so great we always did it the night before, or hell even when we bought the gift we would just give it then. Before he was even done opening his present he was like 'why are you still dressed?' because we are outside....duh. So I ran in and jumped in the shower and then he showed me how a real 54 year old man makes love to his woman.

We got up and ate and I had big plans of actually staying up and watching the season finale of Vanderpump rules and I was excited to find out the real housewife's of orange county was starting last night, so my plan was made...but again the universe had other plans for me. I swear my cable/internet tv works great when I don't want to watch anything, and last night it didn't want to work, well it would but it would freeze up and I thought, all this is going to do is end up pissing me off and I am going to miss half have a man in the bed right now, why are you even out here dumb ass? So I went to bed, not really expecting anything...but he wasn't really done showing me what a 54 year old man can do. Let's just say I will be floating on clouds all day long just thinking about last night and excited about tonight to see what a 55 year old man can do. I can always watch those shows on demand (love that feature)

So apparently Mike is having some issues with aging, who knew? He is aging like fine wine so I am not sure what his issue is, maybe he would find writing in a diary is helpful, just saying. It works for me.

Who would win in a bird fight? Blue Jays or big ass Black Crows (like about 3 foot tall, slight exaggeration) I have a group of black crows walking around the yard like a gang and there are about 5 blue jays on the feeder claiming the land I guess. I might have to call in to work, could be dangerous walking out there while this gang war is going on (always looking for an excuse). A lot of screaming coming from outside...pretty sure all I have to do is knock on the window or open the door and the war is over.

As soon as Mike left this morning I started my chores, then I sat back down to drink my coffee and my vape was gone, I retraced all my steps and it's just gone.....must be in the washing machine, I will find out in about 10 more minutes. So while my day started off sucking (for a minute) I have emergency vapes all over the house. Pretty much the first time a vape stops, they do come back to life for a least like 10 more hits, so I save all the old ones. They still work, just not as strong, but will hold me over until I am on the way to work in about an hour, the one in the washer (if it's there) not so much, it's gone.

Mike didn't want a cake or anything, doesn't want his birthday brought up again. Like I said he doesn't want to be 55, ok then stay 54 who the fuck cares? It's just a number, he is like Benjamin Button, he looks better than ever, he should go backwards. I would, but I'm staying at 55, there is power in them double digits.

But he is getting birthday sex tonight~

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