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2023-06-08 10:14:30 (UTC)

Is it possible to fail so hard?

So of course I'm mad at my younger self for being dumb as fuck and doing NOTHING to help me get anywhere now. However, now I'm trying and STILL failing. I can't help but be so incredibly mad at everything. I'm mad at my shitty mum for doing a shitty job and failing to actually raise me. I'm mad at my shitty dad for not even doing a job at all and cowardly bouncing out of my life. I'm mad at my sisters for not only collectively not doing any better but also not helping me to do better either. I'm mad at myself for being too stupid to put plans in motion and do what I need to do to be in a better position. I'm mad at the world for making everything so much harder than it needs to be. I have horrid dumb luck.

Ugh I don't even want to fucking talk about it, that's how mad it's making me.

I can't even go drown my sorrows in a pizza because I'm already fat and not even doing enough to lose weight. And I can't go grab an ice cream or dessert because my teeth suck and are already too yellow.

Plus I'm broke.

So I get to stew in my emotions.

Literally HATE MY LIFE.

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