Life in Ukraine
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2023-06-06 21:22:39 (UTC)

Another summer day

Good day, friends!
Today was another summer day.
I woke up at 7 am, came out to the yard set on my tricycle (a bike without an engine), and drove to the market (it is about 2 kilometers.
It takes about 20 minutes to get there. There are two markets in our town. One is located in the center of our town and the other - is nearby the train station. There is also a big shop where you can buy food in big packages - that is very useful when you have a big family.
In this shop, I bought sugar, and some butter and drove to the market. There I bought one bucket of potatoes, a few chicken legs, and then bought some meds in the drugstore.
I came home, ate my breakfast, and begin to work on the computer.
Because of war sometimes I don't have work orders for months...
So now I am very happy that I have the order, and even more happy - because I translate a book about the family of Christian missionaries!
The husband is from my town and I have seen him a few times and his mother used to visit my family very often years ago when she was younger.
In the evening I watered my vegetable garden. I have a few tens of tomato bushes and a few pepper bushes there and my wife planted some pea.
It was hard because today one of the water pipes in my house is leaking, so we live without water for almost two days.
Tomorrow I will have to buy new cranes and pipes - that will decrease my very small budget and possibly soon I will have to take a new loan from the bank...
Today I translated 10 pages - that is a big number...
Usually, I do about 7 pages, but that also depends of the language pair.
I know 10 languages on a different level - some languages I know very well and some just understand.
There are 4 languages I know really well - Russian - my native, Azerbaijani - the language of my motherland, English, and Ukrainian - the language of the country where live for 18 years.
I am thankful to all people who were praying for my work.
Please, continue to do so!
May God bless all of you and give peace to Ukraine!

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