Unapproachable and Unsightly
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2023-06-06 21:12:09 (UTC)

kingdoms within kingdoms ..

kingdoms within kingdoms within kingdoms; it can go on forever and ever and ever; kingdoms within kingdoms within kingdoms
all I would want is to know what I am and who I am outside of classifications
but if a genie showed up and asked me what I wanted, would I truly say " I want to know myself away from kingdoms and classifications"
who does this belong to?
what I'm trying to ask is: who should I be talking to about this?
the creator?
why does the creator sprinkle answers inside of reality and allow intuition to be used as a decoder?
could the creator be reading this?
I'm way in over my head
History is way too powerful for my dreams, dreams that I can't even decipher.
I fell into the stereotypical mold, and now I'm buried in history.
but who should I be telling this to?

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