Overly Caffeinated Introvert

Jittery Scribblings
2023-06-06 22:25:44 (UTC)

I made a mistake. I think.

In a brief moment of boredom, I answered the 'unknown caller' earlier tonight.

It was quiet for the longest time and then I heard breathing. I stayed on the phone because I just knew...I could feel him.

I stared at my screen. 03 minutes 18 seconds. And then a hoarse "Birdie"


Ever feel a thousand emotions at once?
And didn't know what the fuck to do with it?
That's kinda how I felt.

Beneath all the fear and the awful memories, I felt something. It was small, but it was there.

Could've sworn I felt...longing?

Not sure, but I'm freaking the fuck out right now.

Fuck this.

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