Mariel is MIA
2023-06-06 11:35:32 (UTC)

NYC weekend! Yes!

Looks like I'll be off to NY this weekend. M wasn't joking about buying the tix and I'm feeling the call of the wild. Dangerous combination. I just got PTO for Friday approved so I can leave Thursday night. I love my boss. He's always looking out for me. I told him I was maybe going to NY and wanting to get out early Friday and he just said why not take the day? He appreciates my work as I'm pretty tireless at doing my job. Plus, i make him look good. I take on a lot of responsibilities that the guy before me couldn't handle.

Having dinner with Brian. tonight. Def gonna sound out the weekend. Bri gets me. Too bad he's gay. He had his shot at me, which is not to say we both didn't have feelings for each other. It's just wasn't meant to be. But now he's happier. I'm glad for him. We're still tight. I can tell him almost anything. of course, i have that darker side that i can't share. Some things are best left unsaid. I think some stuff lives in a lot of peeps heads, but never crosses to reality. In ways, that's too bad. People could be more relaxed and less judgy. We're all humans. Right? Well, most of us!

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