Figuring life out
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2023-06-06 18:53:46 (UTC)


I feel like I'm in a dystopian world.
I'm speechless, it's hard trying to describe feelings of.. see i can't even categorise what these feelings would go under.
I'm just so confused and lost and quite frankly i feel so gaslit being around people who don't understand the weight of words.
It sucks to live in a world where people would only understand and/or feel empathy for something only if they directly relate to it, there are phases and moment where they pretend to understand or care but it's all performative.
I feel so crazy around certain people, it's crazy how they say that everyone's a snowflake nowadays and gets offended by all opinions, and I do agree to a certain extent but it seems like nothing is supposed to be offensive anymore. There is still right and wrong at the end of the day and there are instances where it is valid to be offended.
I don't understand truly.

we're not ignorant children anymore. we should care about other people's experiences and get tf out of your own bubble.