Summer Storm

the sun shines, but I don't
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2023-06-06 15:38:31 (UTC)

"How was your weekend?"

- Hi! How was your weekend?

- ... (💭 Well... On Saturday, I had dinner with my in-laws and the whole family was present, and I could tell they had spoken ill of me by the looks on their faces and the evasive way they hardly spoke to me. On Sunday, after being manipulated to pay a 100€ for a pool vacuum cleaner, I was once again the victim of verbal and psychological abuse by my neurotic husband, he called me all sorts of names and picked on me ALL DAY in a way that is hard to describe, while I was having my period and a migraine. On Monday, my day off, I managed to get some rest in between the household chores that he says I don't do, and then I went with Raquel to a therapist, on her teacher's recommendation, hoping to solve Raquel's bad behaviour and lack of concentration at school.
When we got home, there was another argument, because I was irresponsible in letting Raquel take care of the kitten while I was upstairs making the bed, and Raquel got distracted and lost the kitten - later found under her bed - and Jorge thought the kitten had run away and was going to die for sure, run over by a car or lost in the bushes, and yelled at Raquel "YOU KILLED THE CAT!!!" and then smashed her helicopter toy in front of her. Still yelling, he told her "yes, cry, go cry to your mother, your grandmother and your therapist!"
Enraged, I whispered in his ear I was done and I was going to look for a house because I won't tolerate this shit anymore. Then Raquel was so sad, worried, distressed and nervous, she asked to go sleep at grandma, and with a sinking heart I let her go, so she could have a peaceful evening and night. Yeah.. other than that...) It was fine, and yours?

There are *so many* interesting questions to ask, why do you care about my weekends? Believe me, you don't want to know.