Never Broken
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2023-06-05 02:20:52 (UTC)

I woke up missing you

I awoke this day missing you so strongly I could almost taste it. I cannot believe it’s been almost a year since you’ve been gone. Has it really been almost a year? Sometimes, it seems like yesterday you left me, and sometimes, it seems as though you’ve been gone for years. Some days, I get on just fine and other days, I feel I am drowning in despair because you are not with me.

You’d love this house. This place…. This town…. You’d love the history, the art, the dogs, the trendy eateries and all the rest. I try not to let the tears come during this writing. I feel your presence here, but also, I sense your absence. So strongly I feel you’re not with me and I wish, with every fibre of my being, that you were here with me.

We tried to microchip the puppies on Friday. It did not go well. The syringes the chips are in are defective. The needle went in fine, and the plunger pushed down fine, but it did not release the chip into the skin. Screaming, wiggling, traumatised puppies didn’t help. Try again? No. That’s why God made vets.

I got a new e-cigarette in the same product line as the one I had. It’s the next generation. I love it.

Well, so that I do not risk breaking down and having a cry, I shall say goodbye for now. I love you forever and always.


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