My short pointless life
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2023-06-05 07:58:50 (UTC)

Human sacrifice necessary.

Here's something to think about.

Loss of life is necessary for progress of man. If you want proof then look at all the aircraft crashes over the years. I was watching the show air crash investigation and the dude from the NTSB said that we only learn from the mistakes on how to better improve the aircraft and procedures.

It's it strange and sad that we better ourselves only after some major catastrophe. Not before.but only after.

Thank god. Those words are used daily by everyone. When something good happens. Your relieved. When someone dies you mourn and say they are with God. So your God kills your loved ones and you yet thank him. Oh and God has a gender too. So better be careful using gender neutral pronouns.

I'm just waiting for the nutjobs to say next that God could have been a trans who has been oppressed and thats why all the bad things happen to us. It's gonna happen. Hahhaa.

Evolution or creation. Why not none. That's the past. Now is the present which we are fucking up just to disapprove each other When all that doesn't even matter. Weird fucks.


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