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Starting over
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2023-06-04 17:38:12 (UTC)

Kim had to work at 1 today so ..

Kim had to work at 1 today so I hung out with her this morning. We sat outside for a while, it was the most perfect day outside, the wind was just enough to make you not over heat, I loved it. Then after she left Mike and I sat outside for awhile, at least 30 minutes, and I don't know if he noticed, but I did.....I didn't talk I was just enjoying the way the sunshine on my body, the way the breeze was giving me the just got fucked looked with my hair. the birds are just chatter boxes like 'look at me' 'look what I can do' just like the little kids at the pool going under the water or jumping in haha. It is so much easier to meditate outside. I had my feel barefoot and planted on the ground so I recharged my soul, then we came in and recharged the bean factory.

Mike fried up that fish from his trip the other day, OMG amazing, then he made tater tots (well I put them on the tray and turned the oven on, so it can be said that 'we' cooked dinner together) but of course he added his magic touch CHEESE....and BACON.

Anyways, now he is trying to convince me to go get us dessert, but I have been running all weekend, I am tired and do we really need ice cream??? no I got your dessert right here

I haven't had to leave the house at all today other than go outside. My neighbor lady came out this morning, looking like she had a whole lot of fun last night, kind of stumbling to her car in her night gown and I heard her say (to someone on the phone) omg they are right fucking here, hanging out of my car door. I looked and sure enough her keys were in the door, she said "I was just about to call the cops to come unlock it, omg I would have died'. Then she seen Kim and I sitting outside and she did die hahaha, I was like 'been there before sister no judgement here' and we all laughed and went about our day. I hope they don't judge me when I forget something in the car and run out in my sexy blue grandma robe...I GIVE NO FUCKS either girl.

Mike is finishing up some stuff for tomorrow's work day, I am telling you my shoulder was fixed 100% no pain at all yesterday, this morning when my daughter woke up and said something about work, I felt a stabbing pain in my shoulder, I think it might just be work related, we shall see how the day goes tomorrow, if I was fired tomorrow I would still have about 2 more pay checks left and my bills are paid for June, I could have until July to find a new job. So yeah I have been on the heating pad and ice packs all night, the doctor said I could pop in any time now that I am an established patient. It's not that bad yet, but nothing happened physically to make me pull a move....wait when I felt his presence last night, I tensed of course I did, I was in flight or fight mode, it was just an automatic response, I had no control, for a second, was that second just enough to hurt that pinched nerve area? I don't know fuck

I am not worrying about it, it always works out for me

everything just comes to me easily

Mike and I are meeting in the bedroom to watch a movie at 8, most likely through my eyelids, I will let him pick the movie haha, just put on one of his cowboy shows I won't be up long.

I need my rest to go deal with a person going through some issues right now and I guess asked my girl A 'is this shoulder injury Michele has from that concert last weekend?' A was like 'no she has been hurting, it was just worse' she wanted to say 'what does it fucking matter?' her shoulder hurts, she isn't saying it's work related so what does it fucking matter?' she didn't but wanted to

I just said let it go, she is just going through something and she needs to figure it out before everyone quits, she is being mean.

Well gonna go try to find a movie to cuddle up to my bear and fall asleep to, I mean watch

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