Amber's ramblings
2023-06-04 22:41:55 (UTC)


Well so much for a nice peaceful quiet place to live. It all kicked off big time tonight. I had to call the police. 8 officers turned up and then a riot van. I was scared. So the new neighbours she called Linda's daughter a slut earlier which was uncalled for. Where does she get off calling a 12 year old girl a slut. So we went out to get away from her. Went and got some wood so we could have a fire pit. I went to get my medication from mum. Then got back to mine around 6. She started screaming at him and it all just kicked off. I wasn't going to call the police but as soon as they started on Neil I had to. At some point I have to give a statement. But she was up in his face with a hammer in her hand threatening to clock him. So we went and sat with hootie tootie for a while until it all calmed down. I know she doesn't like me but I didn't feel safe in my van. She made some allegations that weren't true and everyone told the police she was lying. I don't know where she gets off saying shit like that. The police were here for a couple of hours but it's all quiet now. He was trying to leave but she had his car keys and wouldn't let him go. Even though she kept telling him to go. Anyway after the allegations she made the landlord has said she's not allowed here anymore. So she's getting kicked off.

Apart from that the day was ok. Went to a car boot sale this morning. Got a nice dress for my niece for the holiday. I hope she likes it.

Well it's almost midnight so I should try to sleep now. I'm pretty tired after the trouble of this evening.

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