Becoming Me 🌻

2023-06-04 21:12:31 (UTC)

About That Time

My cycle had came on today. Yay for that ( sarcastically). My cousin is still not talking to me..I saw him the other day because I had to go to the bathroom and the door was open to the back and we just did a starring contest until one of us broke it off. I did because I really had to.pee but then I came out of the bathroom and he closed the door. I just kept thinking about it and him all night. He's really mad at me and not want to talk to me. He doesn't want to talk to me because he doesn't like the idea of how my boyfriend is treating me. He does drives me crazy,calls me to many times even if I do something for a few minutes and I have to walk away feom my phone. He'll call 20 times. He did that the other day and I was helping cleaning. It's like he's literally obsessed with me not in LOVE with me. I don't know what you wanna call what we have anymore. I blocked my cousin because he blocked me at first yea then he unblocked me. I tried to.apologize to him but he just doesn’t give a shit like I do. Or did or care. I care about him..idfk... So, I blocked him. People keep saying he'll come around but I doubt it. I've apologized multiple times through text. I would in person but I feel like he hates me and that sucks. I never had someone hate me..I had someone not like me. But he had a whole hate look on his face. I hate it.. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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