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2023-06-04 20:33:18 (UTC)

Handball weekend 🤾 day 2

The stadium was already a familiar place to us. We felt like we could arrive here every day and it would feel totally natural, as if we were going to work or something. But there was no point in getting used this feeling as this was the last day of the event.

The weather was colder and more cloudy than yesterday. That did not really matter to us, only a little bit when the first round began. The other team from my country was playing for the bronze medal against a foreign one. They were doing very well for most of the game and were quite a few goals ahead. For that reason we were not worried about their medal anymore and almost fell asleep because nobody really cared too much. However, a few minutes before that game the players had to wake up because the opponents had started scoring goals and we almost ended up in the same situation as yesterday with that one goal at the very end of the game. That did not happen this time though so the other team from my country got their bronze medal as expected.

Between the two games of the day we met some friends who were also there. They went back to their seats after a short chat they went back to their seats and I went to the ladies' room. I started to feel weird suddenly.

It's hard to explain, I was very nervous and showing all kinds of symptoms of having this emotion but excited at the same time. And hopeful. I was sure this is the big moment for my team and we are going to win.

During the first match time was passing kinda slowly because it was quite easy to predict what was going to happen in the next moment or even in the end. But as for the second one, when my team was playing for the cup - just like yesterday - there was not a single moment I could have used to think about anything else other than what was happening in front of me.

Our opponent was one of the best teams in the world, they had already won this cup twice before. So we knew it would be easy. Despite all this we were playing very well and were only 1 goal behind by the end of the first half of the match.

However, during the 2nd half we kinda fell apart, which the opponent took great advantage of. Therefore after the 3rd quarter of the match we already knew that this is over and we are going to be silver medalists 🥈

That is an amazing achievement based on the team's former ones. Of course, when a stadium is full of a world record number of spectators, 80% of whom are pulling for a local team, everybody wants to see a miracle. That did not happen this time. But based on what the more realistic expectations were, the team overachieved those so we can still be proud. And we are! 💚

So, from tomorrow on let's get back to the usual life problems!

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