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2023-06-04 19:45:38 (UTC)

Zion National Park

Dakota and I visited Zion National Park a couple of weeks ago. Utah's houses are unique because they have a lot of tiny homes. One hotel was inside the national park but had no rooms available. So we ended up renting a tree house in Orderville on Airbnb. It was gorgeous, and we star gazed at night since our bed had a window above it. I could see the big dipper, and I'd never seen that many stars before. It's nothing like Las Vegas because the city lights are everywhere, so you can't see a thing in the night sky. The restaurant options are limited, but they have a food truck and a small breakfast cafe, and you can never go wrong with Subway.

I wanted to hike Angels Landing, but I have a new fear of heights. I wasn't always like this, but I couldn't stop panicking when we drove through the scenic drive in Lake Tahoe. At one point, there were no rails and cliffs on both sides of the road leading down into the lake's waters. So we ended up hiking Observation Point instead. It was a three-mile hike going steep uphill, and there weren't any cliffs or metal rails you had to hold onto. We reached the summit, and the overlook was breathtaking. Then Dakota got down on one knee, and he proposed. His voice was shaky, and his hand trembled, even though he knew I would say yes. We've been together for four years, and we're finally engaged.

I was engaged before when I was 19, but things turned sour quickly. At the clinic, many of my coworkers were divorced and had baby daddy drama. The Univeral Church I went to at the time kept pressuring me into getting married, but deep down, I knew it wasn't meant to be. I'm glad I broke it off and didn't rush into anything. I've had a change of heart with marriage since I've been with Dakota and have decided to give it a chance. The past four years have been nothing but green flags, and that man is going to be my husband. There's no hurry now because we plan to wait until I have my bachelor's in nursing. I don't want a big wedding because I want to have a dream honeymoon just for us.