2023-06-04 18:38:00 (UTC)

My Sophomore Era P4 😎 Passing Notes p1

OK, so I think I'll rewrite all my notes So here's part one first started with me and. C. I was rocking out to 80s music when I decided to write a note to C. And from there on, it was history.Me, C, Tommy and some. Times. C’s brother will pass notes back and forth. I first decided add Tommy when I wrote hi and then it was Bestie Tommy. So enjoy the funny crap. Fun stuff. Spanish paper chat.
ME C Part one.
Me. Hey. Tonight the music seems so loud. I wish we could lose this crowd. Maybe it's better this way. We could hurt each other with the things you want to say. We could have been so good together..
C: Seriously.
Me: Yes, seriously. I love George Michael.
C: I can tell.
ME: HEHEHHE obsessed.
C: HeHeHe. Ong
Me:I'm listening to 80s music right now. I'm vibing.
Me: I like John B LMAO. (Not like that though.)
C: Lmao Imagine liking someone.
Me: Ik Couldn’t be Me XD.
Me: IDK if I like him though, it's confusing me :P
C: Understandable Emotions are confusing.
Me: No shit lmao XD
Me: Hi, Tommy
C: Tommy says hi.
At this point, our teacher asked me a question and John B looked at me.
Me: Ahhhh John B looked at me. XP
C: I saw lol.
He wasn’t Feeling good or was tired so. He was laying down.
Me: He looks so small, RN.
C:True tiny baby.
Me:It's so cute, I think?
C:You think?
Me: Yeah, IDK if I have a crush on him or not. Tell Tommy I like John B. I think. XD.
C: No you tell Tommy XD. I'm not gonna do that lol.
Me:I'm just proud I didn't react the way I did with my old crush. It's pretty obvious.
C:L bozo
C:Proud of you.
Me:Thank you.
At this point, I think John B was falling asleep.
Me: Oh, I think he's tired.
Me: I'm vibing right now.
C: I can see that.
Me: A Note for Tommy. Hi person, how are you? I'm happy. OK, bye XD.
Tommy: shit WBU?
Me: You ruined the vibe. ☹
T I know, that's why I said it.
C: L Bozo
Me; I want food anyone got anything?
C: I got nothing
T: Nah fam
Me: :’( we no longer friends >☹ 😊
C: 😭
T: No one is >:(
Me: F U!!! 😊 I like John B btw hehehe XD
T: John B olg FR he is Daddy *no homo*
Me: lmfaooo XD
Me I get the daddy 100% XP
John B is taken T just told me
Me: I said he was hot
Me: I don’t ike hime I like JJ you know him?
C: T just called John B a Sexy mf he said he loves to give him la cabeza
Me: I meannnnn ngl I would too XD
C: ONG wtf wong with you guys XD

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