Dream Scribe

2023-06-03 20:03:00 (UTC)

King's Birthday Weekend.

King Charles is now head of the royal birthday stat holiday weekend this weekend here in New Zealand. It's actually his late mother's birthday and I thought maybe they'd swap the stat holiday for King Charles birthday date, but no. It looks like we're keeping the stat holiday date from Her Majesty's reign. First weekend of June it is.

There's a beautiful, full, round moon tonight. I've watched it grow these past few days and now it's reached its physical zenith. I love moonlight.

It's been 10 days since I contracted a fast moving influenza virus. Still chesty and coughing a little. Just about over it.

Still one day at a time. Today I work on purging my mental unwellness ; handing everything that goes through/ accumulates in my head over to my Higher Power.
(The process takes the amount of hours I'm awake and done in chunks of time, so as not to miss anything. )
I very much still want to get well. And because I have been mostly in bed sick for the past ten days, I've been practicing this today : just letting time pass and keeping things simple.

Life seems to be at a standstill even though its not...

I'm very grateful to be able to still write here.