Mariel is MIA
2023-05-31 05:17:49 (UTC)

Back to the grindstone for me

Well, the long weekend has come and gone, as has M. I think it was a little strange in that it was unlike what i was expecting. Maybe M's tastes are changing? Doubtful. Just to say that i'm sore in the right places, not in the ones that i usually am after one of his visits. He's still voracious and commanding, so color me satisfied.

I guess it's back to my real life now. Still on the look out for a relationship, but maybe not looking through a horny lens, at least for the near future. M offered to fly me up if i want, but i doubt i'll take him up on it. Then again, who knows.

Work is a bore today. But i still get paid, so that gets me through.

Not much else.

XOXO, Mariel

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