La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2023-05-30 15:37:30 (UTC)

If she ever needs me.

My little girl has been staying home these last two days, bad cough and fever, took her to the Dr. Yesterday she has a bad infección, so med's and home remedies will have her better in no time. Made her some oatmeal and she is loving all the atention.
I went on a 4 K walk yesterday with my husband and I realized how low energy my body is at the moment being. And I have more lab test in a few days so it will be good to know where am at with the blood work, before my next treatment and Dr. Apointment.
My mom drove a few hours to her hometown yesterday to be with the family her oldest brothers wife past away, my aunt Celia they had recently aputated her lower leg and she had been stuggling with diabetes. Unfortunatly it was to much for her. This really rattled me up, all of my mothers sibblings are still alive, yet they are all of age and have illnesses that make it hard for them to be ok. I keep contact with most of them trough FB, wassapp and messenger. But is a reality I can no longer escape, living so far from home makes it hard for me to travel each time some one dear to me pases. I also know is part of life and it doesn't make it any easier to deal with death though. Never is.
It's been a year since my uncle's death and I still hope to see his coments on my tik toks sometimes. I did however reached out to one of my aunt's she responded with a lovely audio and its so nice to listen to her speak. She struggles with depression and since I know I try to make sure and let her know I love her and am here for her if she ever needs me.