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2023-05-29 23:58:30 (UTC)


I think I may need to find a new sponsor in AA. One of her other sponsees asked why I didn't come help C move last weekend. I told her that C never called me or send anyone to pick me up. She just looked at me and said huh. And today was the Memorial Day cookout at the clubhouse and there was another AA member that was on a white water raft in the grand canyon with a different group, all at the same time camping and meals too as she was. He and C seemed to hit it off really well. He asked me for C's phone number and now C is angry with me over it. I think she is still hoping that ex dirtbag will take her back. She told me that he said to her that she couldn't provide the life for him that he wants, ie he's talking to another woman and has decided he'd rather be with the other woman rather than her. My ex basically said something similar to me about a woman that he spent all night outside in the car talking to. My ex told me she was his best friend....he ran off and married her after his divorce to me went through. Both men are absolute assholes. I don't think C realizes it yet. I can guarantee that since she has moved out if she were to go over to his house now that she's moved out and there will be another car there belonging to another woman during the divorce. I know she's heartbroken because she loves him but so was I and I was the one who filed for divorce. My ex dirtbag checked himself in to a psych ward saying he had a nervous breakdown because I divorced him. Bullshit and I called his hand. I was afraid that this would happen to drive me and my sponsor apart.

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