The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-05-29 19:38:36 (UTC)


Guys renember NEVER CRY WITH YOUR HEADPHONES ON AND PARENTS STILL AWAKE THIS MAY END VERY VERY BADLY, anyway today I found out my WHOLE class hates me because I’m “mean” to them even tho I basically never talked to them. Just because I don’t go full social butterfly mode when they have to talk to me from time to time doesn’t mean that I “think I’m better than them” THE SECOND SOMEBODY I DONT KNOW SPEAKS TO ME I GET A FUCKING HEART ATTACK BECAUSE OF STREES AND SHOCK LMAO. Btw just blocked m. Because constant waiting for that fucking bitch to stop ignoring me is making me go back to the state I was in a month ago. Hahahaha fun