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2023-05-28 11:33:14 (UTC)
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Push ups

Challenge update-

All month I have been doing this push up challenge for St. Jude. It’s one of their fundraising efforts.

I had a hard time doing 100 push ups a day at first. Honestly I had a hard time doing a set of 10… I know sad. But, I did them. I took day 3 and 4 off because my arms were noodles! Then I took a few days off because I had to travel. Other than those few days off, I got into a routine of doing them. My month total so far with 4 days left is 3,255. So I have surpassed the stated goal of 3,000.

I also swore off candy, have kept my diet to 2 meals a day (mostly) and… I feel like there should be an “and” here… maybe not. Anyway, I have lost about 10 lbs, and have started doing my push-ups in sets of 40 or 50. My left shoulder is aching. It’s my bad shoulder… or the one I dislocated and broke a few years back.

She smacked me on the ass yesterday. I guess it was because our daughter is here and she was selling us being ok. I don’t like being a pessimist, but that’s the cycle I’m in right now.

We did have fun yesterday though. We made hundreds of water balloons and popped them on the back porch. Every other year we have done this, I have been the main/ only person to clean up. This was not the case yesterday! At the end I was like “That was really fun, thank you. You know what else we could do that’s really fun?” Yeah.. puck up all the little bits and keep them from the birds. We all worked to get the deck clean… and it wasn’t as fun as exploding them all, but it was nice to have help.