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2023-05-28 09:54:14 (UTC)

Not the best way to make use of the nice weather

Thur 25/05/2023
The landlord who owns the top flat has died, so I wrote to his estate’s solicitors setting out the service charge arrears, which we should now receive. He never did set up a standing order, just paid (some) of his payment in arrears, which was a complete pain.

We took a lot of recycling to the dump at lunchtime, and had time to go to Organico, but we were late back after going to The Fields Beneath as well. We got a train back, even though I had to pay.

I realised too late, I could have done a Southwark task in the early evening while Jack was at the gym, but instead did a bit more tidying, and the floor and table in the bedroom are actually clear. I moved my fold-up bike behind the door.

I met Jack at Kentish Town fitness centre, and although I’d already had food, we got a hot dog at the Curzon, where I said we should have gone last time, but it wasn’t very nice really, it’s still a hot dog even though it’s vegan, and if we’re going to sit somewhere in the evening we need to sit somewhere busier, or at least where you can watch people go past, especially in this warm weather.

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