Up All Night
2023-05-28 04:05:21 (UTC)

Saturday Night

The TV is on. There's an old Saturday Night Live playing on the TV, on mostly because I need some background noise. I'm not watching it. I'm drinking coffee without any Stevia in it and milk for creamer. The coffee is bitter since I don't have it doctored up. Was outside earlier and heard an owl.

I did some wash by hand today, watched a Tina Turner documentary on Max and just lounged around. Took the computer out and let it run off of the battery for a while. Played The Sims 4 a little, then shut the computer down and put it on charge. It's fine, runs the game smoothly.

Had a burger for dinner tonight. It made my stomach hurt. Was greasy. I don't want anymore burgers for a while. I'm going to make another pot of veggie stew, no meat, again sometime soon. I love stews and soups no matter the time of year.

I was thinking about how weird I've been. And I don't want to be weird. I think the longer I take my medicine, the more aware of reality I am. Used to just live for my imagination. Trying to get that part of me back now that I have some art supplies ... can't wait to get my drawing pads out.

After I pay down my one small credit card I'm going to start buying clothes. My clothes are all too big for me. I need everything, including undies. I had a dream I'd lost a lot of weight and bought pretty lingerie to wear. I should buy a bunch of salad stuff next time I order groceries.

All for now.

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