Dream Scribe

2023-05-27 10:54:30 (UTC)

One Thing After Another.

Life takes on new meaning sometimes. I have struggled with one health issue after another and have lived for years with several and on Wednesday just gone, I contracted the flu. A scary horrible viral strain that I've never had before. It started with a box of laundry powder that I was scanning at the supermarket market. The box popped a little and sprayed dust into my face. It went up my nostrils causing me to sneeze again and again uncontrollably. I had to really fight for control because these white privileged assholes would've done me real good for accusing covid. An hour later where the chemical dust had touched the inside of my nose and throat (I gasped when the box popped it was unexpected), I felt flu symptoms coming on. The chemicals in laundry powder is strong. It almost feels like someone had tampered with the box and planted it there, knowing that I use it. Recycling bins sit outside and my enemies will stop at nothing to hurt me. I have never experienced any laundry box issues with this brand ever.
Only God knows who they are and what they look like and that's more than just the outside of them. More important is what's on the inside of them.

This strain of flu is weird. Just when you think the worst is over? It gets real bad all over again. The staph strips the throat down to raw and painful. The cough isn't too bad but it comes in regular then irregular coughing fits which are hugely exhausting and painful. Last night I had delirium issues and experienced chills and fever at the same time. It gets dangerously scary when your body temperature won't allow heat in yet the heat and fever in your head says too hot. I got through it. One extra soft, fluffy blanket and coverings on head, chest and feet. It was my hands that weren't covered and as soon as I slid my hands underneath my back, the heat rose immediately. Fuck it was scary.
I wasn't calling an ambulance, it's $96. I don't have that.

I'm sick and tired of the sycophantic stares. It makes me feel.....not writing it here.

In a few days time protection detail on my angry ass will be over. It better be. They need to take the heat off of me.
Fucken creeps in this community it's attracting them. I can't leave my home to take care of my business without at least one. Pop a fucken bullet up their ass. Yeah, here's a good bullet up their fucken asses, write about them. They make me sick! A woman in a mobile barista unit intentionally short changed me and made a scene. Stupid bitch. She wanted me to make a scene.
A giant baby in a pull along wagon. That was nice. Children always cheer me up. I love children. They are the beautiful ones in this world.