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2023-05-27 05:58:04 (UTC)

Getting ready for the party

I'm still not very happy that my mom is organizing a barbecue party tomorrow. I'd rather go for a walk and to my favorite café instead of cleaning the house and worrying because we may start a quarrel about the chores at any moment.

So I'm just trying to do my tasks as best as I can and so far things have been calm. Therefore I may even be able to do these things today if I have some free time and my family is not so nervous.

On Monday I have to go to work in a town that's quite touristic, so maybe I'll treat myself to a hike or something if the arrival of my mom's guests doesn't drive me totally crazy.

Let's do this! I can't complain because I've been to quite a lot of places recently and I already have fun plans for next weekend too. So it is totally OK if I have to put some effort into things I'm less motivated to do from time to time.