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2023-05-27 09:26:19 (UTC)

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Friend to Someone who loves
His love for me has got very hot and heavy. I was surprised by the what he said because he said it FIRST. Nonstop night dreams of each other is drive us to of love. The phrases of I wish and someday is all what I'm letting God guide. The Lord knows I'm being careful with this one . We talked about having sex today for first time. The unless cuddles that I have always wanted. He's very caring and loving that I'd ask for in my prayer. We talked about trying for kid and he would take of me. This love different type of love and am ready for it.
He's type of affirmation is gift giving he loves flowers its all times and snaps of delicious food that he makes. .... He knows I'm slow to trust I've every right to be right so, it's a lot of everything. Also, gave him a heads up about keeping my relationship a secret for while want us to be strong. I owe myself joy right of beautiful joy...
I feel like will a lot feelings meeting in person someday because we will be talking longer up to first interaction... I'm ready to Mrs. And Mom.
The endless kissing and cuddles will be something to happen hopefully soon . I want that love back .