The Life Of Scar Girl

The Life Of Scar Girl
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2023-05-27 01:38:28 (UTC)

Getting My Haircut Tomorrow !

FINALLY getting my haircut tomorrow ! Im very excited! I think its been at least a year maybe even longer since ive even gotten a haircut. My hair is waist length now. But my ends are REALLY bad they are just so dried out and my hair is just not cute lol... Im getting i think probably at least an inch maybe a 1/2 an inch gone.. Just to get my ends cut off lol.... I still want to keep it at long as possible so I can put my hair up and keep it away from my face and neck so im not sweating to death here.

Family and I went out to dinner again tonight and it was nice to get out of the house even though i was dead tired. I think i might have to start putting myself on a strict diet for the endometriosis for right now. I was looking up foods to avoid for flare up and they say to stay away from red meats and and kind of caffeine which is going to be hard. To be completely honest red meat just hasnt been sitting well with me even though it tastes good. My stomach ends up hurting so i need to stay away. The good news is i can still have my chicken breasts! Which are in the white meat family. Been really enjoying seafood lately as well... No wonder ive been craving tuna and fish lately. They say fish is really good cause it has omega-3 in it. I had some yummy breaded shrimp and chicken breasts at dinner tonight was super delicious ! I actually love shrimp fried, grilled, or dipped in cocktail sauce... Soo good!

I dont know why but i always feel so much better after ive been out in a social environment instead of being cooped up in the house all day. But i still have my days where I just am so tired im very unmotivated. So im going to try and change my diet and see if that improves not been tired all of the time... But we'll see if it works !