2023-05-27 03:53:08 (UTC)

getting things going

after being so so sick, allergies started. a mix of Foxy and her hair/dander as well as dust, and the beginnings of pollen of the outside world waking up from winter. hubby and I went to quebec city for a couple days, we went to go to brunch with a bunch of my grandma in law's birthday. got to see my mother in law and father in law, as well as grandma in law and aunt in law with her two adopted kids that just adore me even with the language barrier. I have done the food handler course, taken the test and received my certificate. i have applied to a few places and keep looking and applying to positions i think i could do. i really need to get a job now. not only have i run out of money from when i was going to french classes, my husband cant afford to pay for everything and give me an allowance like we did earlier in the pandemic when he had a better paying job. now, i need to find a job and work high part time hours at least 20 hours a week to be able to at least take care of my own expenses and hopefully be able to put something in savings for the future. I would like to find something to work for 20-25 hours a week, and with the minimum wage now being $15 here in montreal it should be pretty good considering hubby and i live in an old building and pay what is now considered an absolute steal for rent as far as square footage and location. one of my fellow immigrant friends that lives in the same neighbourhood pays like only $100 less and his place is literally a single room with a bathroom attached and a small kitchen corner. whereas hubby and i live in an apartment with one private bedroom, separate kitchen with room for a dining table, a small bathroom, plus a small living room and other multipurpose room that are open to each other so we just use the multipurpose room as extra living room. my hubby's gaming computer is in that space as well as our coat and shoe rack(becuase there is no space for it in the entry) we also have our recycling bin in that space and its becoming impromptu storage which i am trying to deal with little by little. we have a lot of things taht need to be bagged up and taken to the local thrift store, but also a few things of mine to get rid of or decide how or where to keep things. hubby wants to clean out the messy storage corner and move his computer over there. he wants to set up a desk thats not up against a wall so he can see out into the room and towards the tv without having to completely turn around from his computer like his current setup. I completely agree with what he wants to do. I think clearing out the corner moving his desk will create a bit more space for me to possibly set up my easel finally and have a small work table next to it and finally be able to get into art and painting. hubby bought me painting stuff for christmas last year and has criticised me for not using my paint suppplies but i have explained i dont feel like i have everything i need, because sure i have an easel but i dont have another tabletop like surface to have my easel near to use as extra work space for tools and color mixing and such. so hopefully this summer i will be able to find a job, and maybe spend more structured time doing things like art. saving money in the process for us to hopefully move into a place thats less falling apart on us and newer even if it is more expensive. our eventual goals are for me to go to cegep or college of some kind to train into a needed role here in Quebec, and hopefully eventually own a place of our own. once we have accomplished goals like that we hope to be able to travel the world together. but thats all the very optimist view. there is a LOT of unrest happening all over the world and everything from food to housing costs are going through the roof. so i'll probably more like find a job and we'll find ourselves stuck in a financial rut because sure i'm making money but not enough to make any progress towards any financial goals. I want to own a home, have a job that is rooted in specialized knowledge so i can be helpful and be able to travel and see the world. but i fear i have missed my chance. climate change, natural disasters, and human caused destruction via unrest and war and violence have changed the way the world looks and acts. eveything seems to be turning towards fascism now all over the world. people are starving because employers dont pay enough and food costs rise too much or the police are killing certain parts of the population and the response of governments are to silence those speaking out and just trying to survive. we are reaching a time in the world where the wealth disparity is so bad that A VAST MAJORITY of the population of most countries cant afford to live because the super rich( a very short list of a few people that hold massive wealth) hold more wealth than like entire populations of smaller nations combined.