2023-05-26 22:48:34 (UTC)


I guess the rumors are true. They've shut down the 2 biggest routes in town. Route 66 and the rapid transit bus 777 indefinitely. Those are the ones I need to get to my AA meetings. Now I'm wishing I hadn't moved. At least at the other apartment it was just a few blocks to walk to Wyoming. I have a Smiths (no pharmacy) about a mile away which is really no sweat. If I use Zuni I can get as far as Wyoming and use Walmart but MY pharmacy is out of reach. They charge $6.99 for delivery. Grocery delivery through Instacart is $20 and Walmart grocery delivery is $30 and they'll send it through Uber and God only knows where they'll deliver it. They literally missed 3 deliveries by about half a mile because they won't pay attention to the delivery address and the actual address where they're delivering it. And the good news is I get my 10 month chip on Sunday. It almost feels like the routes shut downs are being directed at me when there are hundreds that ride them up and down Central. As soon as they figure out all the grocery stores and fast food and convenience stores will shut down because the employees can't get there and they can't get their junk food so they can get even fatter. It's the damnedest thing when at the same time 66 and 777 shut down all the other routes in town have gone from the normal 2 or 3 to 5 or more. They really can't be that stupid