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2023-05-26 18:28:06 (UTC)

A Wee Introduction

I have not written since Sunday. I want to forget stuff that happens because it does not matter. My anxiety is so random lately. I know it's partly PMS. My PMS is *so* intense. Add to that: Grief, loneliness and the fact that I'm probably aging. It freaks me out. I'm only 37. I feel that is young. Since my late twenties, I would say, I would consider 50 to be young. My husband was 14 years older than me. May he rest in peace. The man I am currently very attracted to is 48. He's always saying how old he is and while he may have some wrinkles, so what?! He's a lively, creative spirit much like my husband, though I can't say that for certain as I have not met him in real life. Crazy as that might sound, I see the way he acts and I love how he thinks. He's actually quite a bit like me in that he is a loner. My husband was very social. So, this crush of mine is like my husband if he were an introvert. Lol.

Anyways... I will conclude this here.

Bye for now.