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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2023-05-26 21:38:54 (UTC)

Well, Yeah

2:40pm Friday

Right about now I'm waiting for my doctor to come and give me a Shaving Profile document for work, do I can grow out the old beard and stuff. Razor bumps et al.

But beside that, yeah. This morning it was errands, like groceries with Wifey, meds pickup and yeah. Dropped her off and went for the High school return packet for the 14 yr old.

Tonight, the 18 yr old's going to her friend's graduation from HS; 21 yr old I'm dropping off at work and I heard the 23 yr old passed her manager test for a fast food place...yeah!

3:30pm. I got the document. And a prescription for vitamin D. Shot the shit with some vets. Now it's gas the car and finish my list.

More later. Stay safe out there!