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2023-05-26 13:40:08 (UTC)

pump - 36 hours till next add

Thursday evening I promised myself i would only pump 30 minutes.
two sessions 20 and 11 minutes so I was about on the mark.
a little above 14.5"
This morning pumped for an hour and had trouble getting out of the jar.
measured at a little less that 15.75"
Casual Friday will hold some more stares and people coming to check the sight this morning.

in 36 hours i plan on doing another add of 20CC. After that I will have used my supply of Surgilube.
More is supposed to come this evening. Either way i'll hold to injecting only 20cc for a few more times.
Once I have 4-5 days above 15" 16" I'll stop pumping and adding for two weeks and see where I end up.
again, the goal is to reach my ideal size and then just top off when needed. Hopefully once every 3-4 weeks.
16" 17" all the time was way to much to deal with.

To answer a question:
NO. do not try this without someone guiding you. I sent you a website where you contact the people who guided me or even me.
i studied and watched others experience for over a year an a half before trying my first time
If you want to try out a bigger size for your ball sac then I recommend trying a Saline infusion.
Zero allergic reaction and the results last a short time.