Seeking freedom
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2023-05-26 12:20:08 (UTC)

Message to my Guardian Angel

I don't see you,
but I can tell that you're here.
I can tell that you're here protecting me.
I can tell that you're my Guardian Angel,
because I can feel your presence.

I can tell you're next to me
and you were sent here to protect me.
I can tell that your job is to guide me on the right path,
and show me the right way, so I don't turn towards the wrong path,
and go the wrong way.

I can't tell your name,
and thus I don't really know who you've been before,
but I can sense your strongness, I can sense your power,
I can sense how strong and how powerful you are.

Thank you for protecting me and thank you for
being my guide through this wonderful miracle and
miraculous gift of life.

I don't know where I'd be without you.
I'd probably go the wrong way and end up being
trapped inside of a pit in hell somewhere.

Thanks to you I'm on the right path
headed towards a dream I want to make happen,
not just for me, or for the people I truly care about,
love, and cherish, but also for the world that needs
and deserves the change.

Thanks to you I'm proud of me, proud of what I've already achieved in life.
We both know my story, we both know what I've been through as I've gone through
fire and hell. We both know where I was trapped inside before you arrived
and saved me.

You gave me hope and you gave me life.
You gave me a chance to find love.
You gave me a chance to be in love.
You gave me a chance to become love.

I'll always remember how you saved me.
I was literally gone, and people would mourn after me.
But then you arrived, and I was alive again!

You grabbed me by my shoulder and pulled me back onto the surface,
you saved me when I was about to drown. You gave me another chance at life.
You gave me another life. Life that was, is no more. Life that exists, I live.

I wouldn't be where I am without you.
It is said that Guardian Angels can only intervene
when they cannot be seen. I'll always believe that to be true,
because nobody could see you when you saved me.

So you see, my Guardian Angel. I'm writing this letter to you
to thank you for everything you do for me and for everything you've
already done for me. I now have a chance to make someone happy,
I now have a chance to make a tremendous difference in the world,
I now have a chance to make an impact in the world,
to become the change I wish to see.

I now have a chance to finally be Me.
The real Me. Not the me I once was,
but the real me that I am. I know who I am.

Thanks to you, I know who I am.
Thanks to you, I know what I can do
for this world. Thanks to you, I believe in me
and thanks to you, I believe in love.

My Guardian Angel,
from the bottom of my heart,
thank you.