Middle School Drama
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2023-05-26 02:46:00 (UTC)

Free for a week

My life has been great since the eighth graders have been gone ngl. I'm not afraid about them judging me,and I'm not worried about Cyrus! So now I've been hanging around with the sixth graders a lot (kind of) and I'm really getting to know this guy, Leo. He trans, so that's cool. Transgender like Kiki.
I might have a sleepover with Isa next Friday after school. We're gonna go to CVS and we'll have ten dollars and 10 minutes to buy something with those ten dollars. Isa's gonna buy makeup is what's she says. Then we're gonna go to her house and do each other's makeup blindfolded and then stay up all night eating snacks. Then after about 2 hours of sleep we're gonna go to the mall in the morning (after breakfast, of course) and we're just gonna buy some more sh*t and yeah! At least that's what we have planned.
Yesterday, we were playing bingo in humanities (again) and every single time Chris called out a number and a letter, Dexter (classmate) would tell us whether or not he got one.
Casey (classmate) said "No one cares"
And Chris heard him so he said "Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with Casey, does anyone really care?"
"I care!" Noellie said.
Chris looked at her "Shut up"
We all started laughing, it was hilarious.
Science has been pretty fun too. Yesterday, we did a bubble soap experiment, where one partner makes a rectangle with four straws and one partner mixes water, dish soap, and glycerin to make soap in a tray. Then you dip the straw frame in the soap for a second or two and then slowly lift it up and you get a bubble on a rectangle. But it wasn't normal. When you try to pop it, instead it lets you dip your finger through (probably because I dipped mah finger in the soap first) so yeah.
Anyway, I shall go now. TTYL!