La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2023-05-26 04:23:22 (UTC)

Adventurous spirit.

Today was a high blood sugars day, and let me tell you it's the least of my favorites. Headaches extra insuline shots and constant glucose checks are never fun. The headaches came and went but am having trouble sleeping is very noisy outside.
So instead all share about a time when I use take barefoot walks in the rain. My mom use to call me her little "Raramuri girl" is the name of Tarahumaras they are an
indigenous community that live north of chihuahua Mx.
There truly isn't a greater feeling than walking barefoot and feeling the rain slowly begin wetting my face and body. I'd walk in till it stopped raining then go back in the house shower and go to my bedroom to read. As if now my life seems to have fallen in a rutine that just makes me feel lonely sometimes, I miss going out on my own without having to let no one know about where I am or who I am seeing, I had that freedom of showing up at my grandmothers home and eat something with her, or go to a friends house to sleep without being interupted bye no one.
Or walk to the nearest basketbal court to shut some hoops.
It's ok to miss who I once was and the adventurous spirit I use to be. I just wish I had more of that same energy and motivations I was so fond of. Times change and at this point in my life I just miss to much of what once was.