Amber's ramblings
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2023-05-26 02:42:06 (UTC)


Had a pretty chilled day. Had to pop out to pick something up from the post office. Came home and chilled outside. I left the door open while I was out there thinking amigo would come out and join us. He didn't.

So my anxiety was triggered tonight so had to take a pill. The new neighbour came over while we were outside. Obviously drunk. She just kept talking to us. I didn't like it.

It's almost 3 am and Penny is still refusing to come in. I'm going to finish this entry then go to bed. If she doesn't come in she'll have to stay out all night. I don't want her to obviously. But she has to learn to come in at night. And I can't keep staying awake waiting for her. I don't sleep much at the best of times but this is ridiculous. I don't know what the answer is.

I'm looking forward to Saturday. The girls are going to have an awesome time. I really hope I can get some nice clothes for my niece. It shouldn't be up to me to buy them it should be her mother. And I shouldn't have to give her pocket money when we go out. She should be getting pocket money at her age. It isn't right. I feel so sorry for her. She's not treated the best. I just hope when she's with me she has a good time. I'm sure she does. I'm going to have remind her mum she will need pocket money when we go on holiday. It's not going to be fair on her because I can't give her as much as Linda can give her daughter. I'll give her as much as I can and she will be so happy with it. And I'll tell her to enjoy it and spend it on whatever she wants. I'm hoping we'll be able to have a couple of days out. And while we're away I'm getting her nose pierced. Both her parents have agreed so as she really wants it done I'm going to take her. She's so excited bless her. I can't wait to take her away. The girls want to watch the Winnie the Pooh movie. So we've said they can watch it and me and Linda will go to the pub. I might have to watch it before we go so I can see how bad it will scare them. I don't want to be dealing with nightmares. I have enough of my own.

Well it's now almost half 3 and Penny still isn't in. I don't know what to do. I won't be able to sleep if she doesn't come in.

Amigo is trying to get out. Really trying to force the door. I may let him out tomorrow if he wants to go. But he didn't today when I left the door open for him. He didn't come out of the bedroom. Maybe he isn't ready to go out yet. I'm worried about him getting lost. Or going to the road. It's not a main road but the cars that go down there speed. We lost a few of the ferrel cats on there. Penny doesn't go near it. She usually goes over the field but since the farmer put up an electric fence she hasn't been going over there as much. It's off at the moment because there's nothing in it. But every few months sheep will appear for a few days and the fence will be on. It drives me crazy because Penny is getting confused. When he first put it up she got caught on it. So I hate the stupid fence. After that she started pulling her fur out. But I did bring Bert home about 3 days after the fence caught her. So not really sure which one caused it. Could be a bit of both.