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Starting over
2023-05-26 05:42:17 (UTC)

I am super big into this ..

I am super big into this 'life is a game and we control it' so this morning as I was playing 'mario cart' hey it's safer than 'frogger' on the way into work and having a good time singing in my car I pulled up and the usual crew, there are 4 of us that get there about 10-15 minutes early every day and then sit in our car and beg God to end our life or give us the will to go in and make it another day. Well this morning they were all dragging, well except my girl A, she has a 4 day weekend, lucky. Anyways, I said 'it's all about attitude so let's just watch this day fly by' so all day I kept walking over to the 'dark' side (that's where the actual Pharmacist work) and I would say to the girl's 'omg I can't believe it's already 9:26 can you believe how fast today is going?' 'Omg I can't believe it's already 2 oclock, there is not enough time in the day to get done with all the stuff I have to do, it's just flying by' I must have did it like 7 times, the 1 girl said 'today is fucking dragging' I was like 'change your attitude' and walked away, she was cracking up, 'it's that easy?' she asked 'yes, pretty much, if not what do you have to lose?' So she really did it and the last 2 hours flew by for her she said. Told you this shit really works.

Something else that happened at work today, my daughter called around 9:45 'mom I just got a flat tire, I need you to send someone to get me' She left around 8am this morning to head up north somewhere, hmmm right around where R (marketing man) lives, so I was like call him. So he came and met her, he wasn't able to change the tire because it was torked (?) on, anyways, they just put off of the meds in his car and he finished the day driving her around. I called roadside assistance and had them tow the car, they later picked up the car and now she has at least 1 new tire on it. I have been talking with Kim and she is done with her current relationship, he isn't exactly aware of this fact yet until the 9th, I guess they have a Tiger's baseball game or something they are going to and then she is dumping him. So my manifestation for her and him to get together is still working, she really likes him and he likes her. He is 40 though and she is only, will be 25 so there is a 15 year difference. There is this woman at work who is currently going through a divorce and I noticed yesterday, I think she is flirting with R. I just thought it was cute and funny, but he is already tagged as my future son in law, I called it, sorry I don't make the rules. Anyways, I guess now he is meeting all of us up at the concert, so they were talking about it today and A said yes now R is going with us and that lady said 'oh he is going? because I asked him to come to my birthday party' oh yeah well sorry he isn't. She was pissed, wanted to know who invited him to go, A said Kim did, then this girl got serious attitude on my daughter, really??? over a guy that no one owns??? So while I am always nice and kind, I just want it known that I have watched Real Housewives for years and years and I can be mean, I know how to do it, don't mess with my baby that's all I am going to say. Like I have told people over a week ago that I have claimed him as my son in law, I am playing (kind of) I just mostly wanted a distraction from the one she is with now, he isn't the one...he put his hands on her and he needs to go. Sorry not sorry.

It's working out just like I planned, they spent over 10 hours together, getting to know each other, they hugged 3 times. See the old me would have panicked, that's my baby on the side of the road somewhere, not the new me, the relaxed 'everything works out the way it's supposed to' was calm, nothing is going to pop my bubble type calm, I am so fucking amazed at myself!

Then I came home and we agreed to meet around 9ish, so around 7:30-8 I was all finished up with what I needed to do and I shit you not I asked myself 'well you made this game, what would you like to do now with your time?' and I thought 'well you know what I want to do, but we are meeting at 9 so sweet Mikki you are going to have to wait' and I shit you not Mike came in the room.....NOW TELL ME MANIFESTATION DOESN'T WORK!!!!

So yeah if it's true that we designed our life before we got here, I can see why I would put so much of that in my daily life, no wonder I smile all the fucking time. Being in Mike's arms is my favorite place in the whole world, which he should be done with his cereal and toast I made him for dinner, my night to cook! Good thing I am super cute and sexy, so he says!

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