Uber adventures
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2023-05-26 04:45:10 (UTC)

3rd day, leaving Paris

So we all hated to go but had bigger and better things to do in another part of France. The boys picked us up again and helped with our luggage. This time I rode with Fossil's other brother. He doesnt speak English. I was kinda glad about that so I could just chill in the back and rest until we got to the airport. We headed south by the Mediterranean Sea. It was beautiful flying in, you could see it stretch for miles and miles. We were met at the airport by Sue and her husband, my sister in law and brother in law. We rented a minivan and headed to their house. Rachid, and Sue had prepared us an incredible spread of food. We visited with them for a while and ate a great meal. Then headed to our Airbnb Apt. I was dead tired by this time. After we got settled in, I didnt want to go back to the house, but Honey insisted. Laia and Syra really didnt want to go either. I just wanted to chill at the nice Apt and drink a bottle of Wine we had gotten. I kind of got into it with my wife, I was a little buzzed and very tired. I even stood up for Laia, saying why would you make her go if she doesnt want to go. I think I may have yelled it actually. All that flying wears you down. Honey doesnt realize this I guess. I wound up winning, I didnt go back to the house that night. I stayed by myself and finished the bottle of chardonnay sitting out back. The weather was beautiful, cool and a little breezy. I think I finally went upstairs and crashed. I was half asleep when I heard them all come in downstairs. Honey didnt come upstairs, she crashed on the couch. That was the end of another tiring day. Wedding coming up tomorrow.