2023-05-26 02:50:51 (UTC)

abandon, undun, uncreation again

It's an attention of awareness made known, to further make possible the infer to reality that briefly was mentioned previous here. I shall do so.

Most know abandon to abandonment to reality, it's almost self-explanatory. You're there, move away from, removed from the presence of doing that yourself, another way is being moved, maybe a victim of circumstances.
This condition is most frequented this reality, we're always in motion, moving, even when motionless, setting, standing, mind active, body, even alleged paranormal. No matter the happening, removing from present, presence of results abandon. If it "hardens" to reality becomes like cement. The word then abandonment.
The condition then is, abandon can be turned around, it must be done quickly, the more distance of space and time, reality forms as matter like that cement, if it's still "soft" or pliable, plasticity, matter especially the future can be changed, "remolded" to another shape, that possibility.
Best short worded letters and paragraph abandon.

Undun. Reality formed can be "disassembled." What is formed remains, can though, be rendered not to happen, disregarded, ignored. Almost like physical places, anything constructed, built, a car, box fan, stove, refrigerator, anything made, you can take that apart, leave it in pieces, it will never work, never happen again. It's still there, still real, real world, real existence, cannot become active, it exists, though an extension of abandon where even if in the presence of, nothing becomes real. Too much distance of space and time happened to where what was there can be "put back together" to have any possibility to be real. It can't because reality can't become real if it's not "togetherness" from steps of willingness, ability, and timing. Any part missing "displaces" reality to have action, resulting even to the extremes of out of sight, out of mind.
Hard to words to explain, simply an effort to undun.

Uncreation. A most severe case to reality, results Mandala Effect most noticeably. Reality happened, was real, even birthed to be truth. However someone, something, has changed reality by deletion, by altering the past where the future and all possibilities cease to exist. Right on to the truth becoming nonexistent as if it was never there. Extreme results occur, people, places and things missing, in some ultra-extremes, becoming unborn. The whole of reality has been "reshaped" reformed, is now a present different from what was, matters can be simple changes, to ultimate extremes of differences of differences, sometimes to result a total opposite to what was lived and existed.
The past to the before you may remember, which isn't the now, nor will it be the future. Your minds' changed though, since you're apart of the existence, you are born again a different way, you might not even know your past truth as present. Mandala Effect is the most noted result to truth your mind knows what it don't know, did remember, changed to be forgotten, cause it never really happened anyway in reality formed of changes to existence by never have happened.
Uncreation can happened via destruction, a single thought from an omnipotent being could wipe Us all out, in less than milliseconds. They do not, since doing so results in kharma, very severe kharma should anyone uncreate.

Enough, must go now, post this, move along, SomeOnes' wish is here. Granted. I take My leave now. May this be the last.